Life Code


Updated on June 16, 2023 in Pennsylvania USA

I've successfully worked through the steps of tech independence as laid out by Derek Sivers. I went through this process for two domains and have found Derek's help to be invaluable. This is a good project for anyone wanting to develop some tech skills.

I acquired this book: Trauma is really strange by Steve Haines with art by Sophie Standing. I'm about halfway through and finding it to be very well done.

My daytime career is one of service to others and this continues to be of importance to me. However, I'm focusing my efforts on a few specific areas related to my growth as a human. Improved physical/mental health and creative outlets are key for me right now. I'm also focusing on building connection: with my kids and with family (biological and chosen).

I'm not particularly (at all) religious but "man's search for meaning" and being a good human are never far from my mind.